Serbia on antidepressants

Last year, people in Serbia took a total of 7.34 million boxes of anxiolytics and antidepressants, i.e. which cannot be purchased without a doctor’s prescription, the data collated by the State Health Insurance Fund (RFZO) show.

Regardless of the fact that prescriptions of anxiolytics decreased by 6.5 percent and antidepressants by 1 percent compared to 2021, it turns out that we took more boxes of these medications than the entire population of Serbia (6,690,887, according to the last census).

According to RFZO, people in Serbia took 5.2 million boxes are anxiolytics and 2.14 million packages of antidepressants.

A total of 2.49 million boxes of benzodiazepines, 1.26 million of Lorazepams, 1.26 million diazepams, and 188,000 alprazolam were prescribed.

6.5 percent less than in 2021

“That is about 6.5 percent fewer boxes compared to 2021, when about 5.5 million boxes were prescribed,” states RFZO.

Professor Ivana Stašević Karličić, MD and Director of the Dr Laza Lazarević Psychiatric Diseases Clinic, says that an increase in the consumption of anxiolytics is always an indicator of a lower quality of health care.

“The fact that we have reduced the use of these drugs compared to 2021 shows that public healthcare, which reached a peak in the previous five years, has produced in mental health protection,” says Stašević Karličić.

In regard to antidepressants, the reduction in their consumption is also related to the decline in the rate of depressive disorders, she notes and adds:”This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted in 2021 as part of research into how much the COVID pandemic affected the mental health of the population of Serbia. It turned out that the frequency of depressive disorders in the general population is 2.2 percent, and generalized anxiety disorder is 1.9 percent, which is less than in the Western European countries”.

(Danas, 09.03.2023)

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