Serbia offers Volkswagen the town of Indjija as a possible location of a new factory

For months now the Serbian media have been speculating about Volkswagen opening a new factory somewhere in Southeast Europe, with Serbia mentioned as one of the potential locations.

As the Vecernje Novosti daily learns, the Serbian government has offered Volkswagen the town of Indjija in Vojvodina as a location for the carmaker’s future factory.

The official offer contains documentation with data on the land plot and a proposal containing the information about additional investments in the area that the Serbian government is prepared to make. The possibility of having one line of the future Belgrade Subway going to Indjija has also been cited as one of the advantages, which would make it easier for workers based in Belgrade to travel to Indjija for work.

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This location has also been picked because close to 3 million people gravitate towards it and it is halfway between Novi Sad and Belgrade, thus making it possible for people living in either of these two cities to work in Indjija.

Another advantage of Indjija is the very good infrastructure and the proximity of road and rail corridors. Also, this is, by far, the most efficient municipality in Serbia in terms of administrative procedures and setting up new companies. Dozens of foreign and local factories already operate here and there are almost no investors that have regretted coming to this town.

The potential arrival of Volkswagen would be of great importance for Serbia. It would expedite the subway construction project, which has been in development for years, and Indjija would be transformed into the first-class industrial centre. Volkswagen will make a decision its new factory no later than November this year.

Serbia has also offered the wider Jagodina region in Sumadija as the alternative location for Volkswagen’s factory.

(N1, 23.02.2019)


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