Serbia offered 20% stake in gas terminal in Greece

Greece has invited Serbia to participate in the construction of the liquefied natural gas terminal, and have a 20% share in the ownership of the terminal which is located in the Greek town of Alexandroupoli.

The gas terminal will be located some 14.5km from the delta of the River Maritsa, which is only 30km from the border with Turkey and about 300km from Thessaloniki.

The Greeks are also offering for Serbia to own 20% of the terminal, which is the same share as DEPA (a Greek gas company) and BEH (The Bulgarian Energy Holding). Private companies would own the rest of the gas terminal.

If Serbia agrees to participating in this project, it could be given EU grants since the project coincides with the conclusions of the European Project on Joint Interests (PCI – EC Regulation 347/2013) with one of the project priorities being developing the energy infrastructure in the EU. This project would enable Europe to have a new gas supply.

LNG would be transported by boat to the Port of Alexandropouli and then transported further to the terminal, which is 17.6 kilometers away, where it would be turned into gas and then further transported in that form.

The storage capacity should be at 170,000 cubic meters with an annual turnover of as much as 6.1 billion cubic meters of gas.

The terminal is connected by a pipeline to the Greek city of Komotini, from which the pipes branch toward the Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora and then to Dimitrovgrad and further to Nis, where Serbia would build its terminal.

According to the EU, the terminal should have been built by the end of 2019.

(Vecernje Novosti, 12.09.2017)




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