Serbia now 100% dependent on Russian gas

Voice of America (VOA) reports that, following the commissioning of the Balkan Stream gas pipeline, Serbia has increased its dependence on energy from Russia.

VOA reminds that on the first day of 2021, the Balkan Stream was put into operation in the village of Gospodjinci in Vojvodina, and that officials said at the opening that Serbia would provide another, more stable gas supply route, which no longer goes only through Ukraine.

According to the VOA, the Balkan Stream, which construction began through Serbia in March 2019, is part of the TurkStream gas pipeline, which transports Russian gas through Turkey, Bulgaria to Serbia and Hungary.

This means, according to the VOA, that Serbia now has a total of two routes of gas supply from the same source.

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Former Serbian ambassador to Belarus, Srecko Djukic, comments that Serbia is now the only country in Europe that is 100% dependent on Russian gas.

Diplomat Zoran Milivojevic says that that confirms Serbia’s dependence on Russia, but notes that it is important that Belgrade has resolved the issue of gas supply.

“The big question is how the gas will go through Ukraine. By Balkan Stream becoming operational, Serbia has satisfied its interests and has secure safe gas supplies from Russia,” Milivojevic said for the Voice of America.

Balkan Stream is part of the TurkStream gas pipeline, a project of Russia’s Gazprom and Turkey’s Botas, which should ensure a stable gas supply to Turkey, southern and southeastern Europe.

The pipeline is 930 kilometres long with a capacity of 31.5 billion cubic metres of gas per year.

The first leg passes through Turkey, while the second leg runs through Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. Serbia and Bulgaria call that part of the pipeline the Balkan Stream.

The capacity of each leg is 15.75 billion cubic metres of gas which is enough to meet the needs of 15 million medium-sized households.

(Al Jazeera, 05.01.2021)


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