Serbia needs 2,000 bus drivers and 6,000 truck drivers

Serbian companies need at least 2,000 bus drivers and about 6,000 truck drivers. At the same time, they warn, this deficit is growing year-on-year because Europe is facing the same problem.

An initiative is being prepared to lower the limit for obtaining a driving licence for category “D”; this will be one of the arguments for amending the Law on Traffic Safety, writes the Vecernje Novosti daily.

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Under the current law, in order to drive a bus, a person needs to be at least 24 years ol behind the wheel of the bus, while a graduate of a vocational school (three years of studying) can drive a truck providing he is at least 18 years old.

“Students cannot currently choose the bus driver major during their schooling. They can only get a C category driver’s licence when they graduate, and the D category five years after that,” explains Mirko Vucinic, CEO of Panona Transport.

“Our proposal is for those students who complete the three years of the relevant vocational school to be able to can obtain a five-year test license. They would have a mandatory one-year internship with an authorized carrier. During this period, they should only be allowed to drive empty buses accompanied by drivers with at least five years of experience,” says Vucinic.

Last year, European carriers could have increased the number of drivers by 20%, but they did not have enough staff to fill these positions. The gap between needs and job opportunities is widening. There are between 90,000 and 100,000 professional drivers in Serbia, and about 16,000 of them are bus drivers.

(Blic, 23.11.2019)



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