Serbia needs 200 million trees

According to official data, 29% of Serbia’s territory in Serbia is covered by forests, and in order to preserve human health and biodiversity and mitigate climate change, that coverage needs to be a minimum of 41%.

In other words, our country needs 10,000 square kilometres of forests or 200 million trees more, say NALED and the Green Development Center on the occasion of celebrating World Forest Day.

Today, these two organizations signed a Memorandum of Cooperation stipulating the cooperation between civil and business sectors and the continuation of the implementation of several campaigns such as “Plant your shade” and “Let’s do it!” Serbia – World Cleanup Day” which entail the removal of unregulated landfills and raising awareness about proper waste management.

“Today we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Plant Your Shade campaign, during which we planted 120,000 young trees in more than 100 cities of Serbia and over 800 adult trees in parks across the country”, said Predrag Ratić, team leader of the Plant your shade campaign, while thanking the campaign’s long-term partners the American Embassy, GIZ, the European Union and NALED.

Trees play an important role in cities, in addition to lowering high temperatures in summer, reducing excessive cold in winter and mitigating the effects of stormy winds, thus reducing our electricity bills.

Sweden has the biggest forest area in Europe, 28 million hectares, followed by Finland, with 22 million and Spain with 18 million hectares. Montenegro and Slovenia have the biggest forest areas of the regional countries.

(Biznis i Finansije, 22.03.2024)



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