Serbia is the 7th poorest country in Europe

Despite the claims of the Serbian government that Serbia is witnessing a “golden age” and that the country is an “economic tiger”, the best of all the countries in the region and side by side with the European countries, the data contained in the publication “The poorest countries in Europe in 2021”, published on the website , shows the opposite.

According to the publication, Serbia is the seventh poorest country in Europe.

Since 2016, President Aleksandar Vučić has been claiming that the country is recording economic growth and that Serbia is currently at its peak. Domestic and foreign experts, however, claim the opposite and out of the 10 poorest countries in Europe, Serbia ranks seventh.

As stated on, economic prosperity in Europe varies greatly between countries, and those affected by the collapse of the Soviet Union are considered the poorest today. However, in the early 2000s, even Serbia experienced eight years of economic growth until the global recession hit in 2008.

The site states that the recession in 2009 caused a negative growth rate and that about 25% of Serbs are poor. Vučić, however, thinks differently.

“Until this assessment, we were second, behind Lithuania, now, instead, Serbia will be the best in Europe in terms of growth rate and end 2020 as the best country in Europe,” he said in October last year.

(Nova, 23.02.2021)



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