Serbia is recycling more than ever before

In the previous year, a total of 120,000 tonnes of special waste was collected and disposed of, which includes electronic and electrical waste, tires, motor oils, vehicles, accumulators and batteries.

This is more than in previous years, and the trend continued in the first seven months of this year, according to the Association of Recyclers of Serbia.

“2021 was a turning point in the state’s attitude towards the recycling industry because, for the first time in 10 years, the state paid the incentives at the end of the quarter, which ensured the continuity of this complex production cycle, which consists of the collection, transport, storage and treatment of hazardous waste,” President of the Association of Recyclers of Serbia, Nikola Egić, explains.

He added that the recycling industry has managed to endure the period of uncertainty, and still employs around 15,000 people.

Since 2010, when the first wastewater treatment facilities were opened to date, the special waste industry has disposed of 1.1 billion kilogrammes of hazardous waste.

Of this, the largest quantity is tires, more than 470,000 tonnes, followed by 350,000 tonnes of electrical and electronic waste, 220,000 tonnes of batteries and 55,000 tonnes of waste oil.

(, 19.08.2022)


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