Serbia is losing 20,000 young people annually

The number of employees in our country has been steadily growing. However, there is a darker side to this, which is that the number of young people living in Serbia has been declining by 20,000 annually.

These are the results of the 2017 Labour Market Survey, published by the Parliamentary Budget Office.

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The position of young people in the labour market has improved compared to 2014, when a previous survey was made, but the fact remains that their status is “significantly worse than other groups in the labour market”. Serbian youth is also in a rather unfavourable position in the European Union’s youth labour market. Compared to Serbia, in the EU, young people can find a job much faster and easier. What is also discouraging is the fact that this age group in the European Union is in a worse position than other population groups.

However, the most worrying trend is seen in demographic trends. The number of working people in the period from 2014 to 2017 decreased by about 115,000, while in the young people category, ages 15 to 24, this number declined by 60,000 in three years.

Some of it is due to the aging of the population, but it is obvious that a greater number of young people have left the country because they do not want to participate in the labour market that offers opportunities that are far more inadequate than those in developed countries.

An additional problem is that a large number of people in this age group are “informally employed” without a written job contract. Almost 30 percent of young people in the said age are not formally employed, or have no job contract.

It is encouraging to note that the unemployment rate among young people (those under the age of 24 who are living in Serbia) has been significantly reduced, from 47.5% in 2014 to 31.9% in 2017.

Good news is that almost all 15-year-olds have completed secondary school while one fifth of the surveyed young people are university graduates.

The province of Vojvodina is definitely the best for young people in terms of employment, the survey has shown, while Belgrade is also showing great signs of improvement in this aspect.

(Blic, 18.06.2018)


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