Serbia is in for a mild spring and a very hot summer

The renowned weather forecasting service, AccuWeather, has revealed its forecast for the 2023 spring in Europe.

According to the site, some countries will have a prolonged wintry pattern into the start of the new season, while others will have to deal with rounds of potentially dangerous severe weather later in the spring.

Much of southeastern Europe, including Serbia, will continue to have warm weather this spring, becoming even warmer by May and early June.

Locations from Rome to Bucharest, which were experiencing mid-March temperatures typical of late April, will maintain this warming trend over the course of the next few months, accompanied by occasional rounds of wet weather. During early spring, there will also be several severe storms passing across the Balkans into southeastern Europe.

As for the summer, the Serbian Hydrometeorological Services agrees that it will be a hot one with above-average mean seasonal air temperatures and the number of very hot tropical days in lowlands ranging from 30 to 55.

Globally, the UK’s Met Office predicts that 2023 will be one of the hottest years on record.

(N1, 20.03.2023)

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