Serbia is a reliable partner to Italian businesses

Italy is one of the leading investors in Serbia with the value of the Italian investments amounting to over 800 million euro. Still, Serbia is still open for new investments and partnerships with Italian companies – it was said at the conference New Economic Opportunities for Regional Italian Companies held in Verona.

Director of the Sector for International Economic Relations at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Serbia, Jelena Jovanovic says that looking at individual companies that invested in Serbia, Italian companies occupy the second place on the list of the top investor countries.

Presenting the potential of the Serbian economy to Italian companies and officials of the Veneto region, Jovanovic pointed out that the main advantages of investments in Serbia were financial incentives/subsidies, tax and customs exemptions, and free trade agreements, which enable producers in Serbia to be more competitive in exporting to the markets with over a billion consumers.

As strategically important sectors for cooperation, she cited the farming sector and the food industry, the construction materials industry, the wood and furniture industry, the chemical and the pharmaceutical industry, but also the textile industry and the IT sector.

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The business people from the Veneto region who attended the conference see Serbia as a reliable business partner and a good place for investments in various sectors.

It was also agreed at the conference to organize a visit by the companies from Veneto to Serbia soon.

This international conference was organized by the CCIS with the aim of enhancing the economic cooperation between the two countries, new investments and a stronger bonding of companies in the strategic sectors.

The intention is to create a new business model of internationalization of the operations of Italian companies in the Serbian market which would stimulate the development of both economies and the Veneto region and Serbia through an open discussion between the representatives of the business communities from the two countries.

(eKapija, 30.10.2018)


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