Serbia is 3rd largest raspberry producer in the world

When it comes to the production of raspberries, Serbia placed third globally in 2022, right behind Russia and Mexico.

Chile, another big producer of raspberries, but also other soft fruits, placed fourth, as shown by the latest 2022 data.

“Poland, which has been our biggest competitor for years, underperformed last year and produced lower quantities. Russians are also an enigma to us as they don’t export and do not produce for export but only for their own market”, the leading soft fruit expert at the Fruit Research Institute, Dr Aleksandar Leposavić, said for the Politika daily.

In terms of fruit farming, Serbia mostly grows plums, followed by apples and sour cherries.

According to the aggregated data from 2021, the biggest yields per hectare are generated in apple growing, followed by plums, pears, apricots, cherries and peaches.

As Agroklub has said recently, these are approximate data, which change from year to year, with plums and apples dominating the Serbian fruit farming sector for years.

(Biznis i Finansije, 13.01.2023)

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