Serbia in partial lockdown as of tomorrow

This morning, the government’s Crisis Unit has decided to close everything that does not provide essential services in Serbia as of tomorrow, as it was the case on the previous weekend.

Namely, the closure will now also apply during the working week, more precisely, from tomorrow, including next weekend. This means that with the exception of grocery stores, petrol stations and pharmacies, no establishments will be open.

The Crisis Unit started its session this morning, around 8 o’clock, to discuss the current epidemiological situation, but also possibly introduce new and stricter measures, because the number of newly infected in Serbia is growing day-on-day.

During the previous two weekends in Serbia, only grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations were open, while everything else was closed.

As of last week, high school students have completely switched to online classes, while as of this week, older elementary school students have also joined them.

However, it is obvious that this is not enough because the number of newly infected is over 4,500 people every day, the number of patients receiving hospital treatment is rapidly increasing, and the capacities of COVID hospitals in Belgrade.

(Nova, 16.03.2021)

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