Serbia in deficit with construction workers, tailors and footwear production workers

In recent decades, a large number of young and skilled workers have left Serbia, but this is not only specific to our country, but also the entire Europe.

This also has an effect on the average age of citizens of Serbia, which, according to the Minister of Labour, Employment, Social and Veteran Affairs, Zoran Djordjevic, is 43. The Minister warns that due to negative birthrate, Serbia will soon face the shortage of labour.

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Although the Minister’s warning refers to the future, that is to say that to the future Serbia, the estimates have shown that, by the year 2041, Serbia will have the population of 5.5 million, which will reduce the work force by 21%.

Although, the problem with the shortage of workforce is already visible in the Serbian labour market. This is particularly true for certain professions – like construction, catering, clothing and footwear production workers. Employers have a hard time finding the workers of these professions, and there are also cases where they are forced to hire foreigners because there aren’t enough people in Serbia of the aforementioned professions.

According to the latest data, published by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia in their Trends publication, there were 2.6 million employees in Serbia in the first quarter of this year, and the employment rate was 45.1%. According to the same data, 468,700 persons are said to be unemployed, which means that the unemployment rate in the first three months amounted to 14.8%. Compared to the last quarter of last year, the number of the unemployed persons decreased by 6,900, while the number of employees increased to 75,300.

(Nova Ekonomija, 05.08.2018)


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