Serbia imports more milk than it exports

In the first quarter of 2023, Serbia imported 11,190 tonnes of milk (concentrated and non-concentrated), while it exported 7,019 tonnes (a difference of over 4,000 tonnes). The difference in the value of trade in this food staple is quite drastic, because 16.65 million euros were paid for imports, and Serbia received three times less for exports (5.04 million euros).

From January to March this year, Serbia imported the biggest quantities of milk from the European Union, according to the data of the State Statistics Office (RZS). Since the beginning of 2023, we have mostly imported milk from Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Denmark, and Croatia.

According to the data provided by RZS, 2,261 tonnes of non-concentrated milk and cream (without added sugar) worth 1.77 million euros were imported from Poland in the same period, plus 731 tonnes of concentrated milk and cream (with added sugar).

When these two items are added, the total import of milk and milk products from Poland was 2,992 tonnes (worth 4,428 million euros).

From the beginning of the year to the end of March, 2,713 tonnes of milk worth 2.23 million euros were imported from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Of the other countries, Serbia imported the biggest quantities of milk from France (2.28 million euros – 692 tonnes), Denmark (1.84 million euros – 394 tonnes), Croatia (1.19 million euros – 983 tonnes), Hungary (870,000 euros – 1,288 tonnes), Slovenia (650,000 euros – 731 tonnes), Sweden (501,000 euros – 138 tonnes), the Netherlands (423,000 euros – 131 tonnes), Belgium (320,000 euros – 102 tonnes), Germany (307,000 euros – 121 tonnes), the Czech Republic (175,000 euros – 168 tonnes) and Slovakia (114,000 euros – 190 tonnes).

Serbia also imported smaller quantities of milk from Italy, Estonia, Latvia and Greece.

(Nova Ekonomija, 01.06.2023)

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