Serbia imports close to 120,000 used cars annually

Serbia imports, on average, about 120,000 used cars each year, while the number of new vehicles is much lower. Experts warn that this will result in Serbia becoming a dump for European cars, which were destined for scrap yards in their respective countries – Zarko Milanovic from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce says.

Asked about the value of the used car market in Serbia, Milanovic said that, in 2018, Serbia had imported almost 200 million euro worth of used cars.

“That’s almost 130,000 used cars. On the other hand, we have imported fewer than 30,000 new cars which value was close to 300 million euro. The problem lies with the type of engine these vehicles have since we import mainly Euro 3 class engines, which means that these are vehicles meant for the scrapyard,” says Milanovic.

Referring to the announcement of the Serbian Environment Minister Goran Trivan, who said he would insist on banning the import of used cars with the Euro 3 engines into Serbia, Milanovic said there was hope that the initiative could materialize earlier.

“The illogical thing is that importers of new cars have to meet higher standards than the importers of used cars. On the other hand, we have a situation where a large number of vehicles entering the country are cleared through customs on behalf of the buyer, which causes shadow economy in that segment,” he says.

Although not opposed to used vehicles, the initiative aims at developing an internal market for used cars, because in the last five years, more than 100,000 new vehicles have been sold in Serbia, so there is a good basis for the development of the used car market.

“I myself drive a used vehicle that has been purchased and registered by a previous owner in Serbia. A good example is Bosnia and Herzegovina, which now regulates that only the vehicles with the Euro 4 engines can be imported and this has already paid off. They have, in fact, reduced imports of used vehicles for the first eight months of this year,” concluded Milanovic.

(Danas, 19.09.2019)


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