Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria preparing for the Turkish Stream

Regional security and safe energy supply are common goals of Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria – Serbian Energy Minister, Aleksandar Antic said today, following a meeting with his Hungarian and Bulgarian counterparts.

Antic went on to say that he had a series of bilateral and joint meetings with the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjártó and the Bulgarian Energy Minister, Temenuzhka Petkova, at which they discussed joint activities on the construction of additional gas transportation capacities and the possibilities of joining the Turkish Stream.

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“We agreed that, in the following period, we will have a far stronger coordination in terms of developing new energy projects, which will result in region becoming more energy-efficient and safer. We are also going to work towards our national energy sovereignty to be defined in the context of mutual cooperation”,  Antic said at a press conference.

Szijjártó underlined that energy security is of essential importance in this part of Europe and that therefore routes and sources of supply should be diversified.

Speaking about natural gas, he pointed to the importance of diversifying the supply route from the direction of south.

“We think that Gazprom’s intention is to deliver gas to the region of Central Europe through the second pipeline, the Turkish Stream and we hope that our Bulgarian friends will secure all the necessary investments in order to deliver gas to Serbia, which would then go through to Hungary and other European countries”, the Hungarian official said.

He pointed out that the new gas supply route would represent a major contribution to the energy security in the region and expressed his hope that it would have the EU’s support.

Petkova said that the three countries are united over this possibility and that the talks on cooperation will continue, in order to achieve the best possible results for the energy consumers of all three countries.

(Dnevnik, 13.06.2018)

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