Serbia has the most expensive petrol and diesel in the region

Compared to other former Yugoslav republics and despite the fact that in the last few weeks, the price of diesel and 95-octane petrol has dropped in our country, Serbia still has the most expensive fuel.

The price of 95 octane petrol in Serbia as of last Friday is 184 dinars per litre (or 1.57 euros), while a litre of diesel costs 209 dinars, or 1.78 euros. Petrol is the cheapest in Montenegro – 1.45 euros, while North Macedonia currently has the lowest price of diesel – 1.47 euros per litre.

Since August 9th, a litre of 95-octane petrol in Croatia costs 1.50 euros, while the price of diesel is 1.61 euros. As of August 2nd, petrol in Slovenia is sold at 1,53 euros per litre, while the price of diesel was reduced to 1,67 euros.

Fuel prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not limited and vary from petrol station to petrol station. In the Canton of Sarajevo, the lowest price of petrol currently stands at 1.51 euros per litre, and diesel at 1.62 euros.

Fuel prices in the Republic of Srpska are similar, so petrol costs around 1.48 euros, while diesel can be bought for 1.64 euros.

(N1, 09.08.2022)

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