Serbia has the biggest gold reserves in the region

With 32 tonnes of gold, Serbia is the country with the largest gold reserves in the Balkan region, according to data collated by the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) and the World Gold Council.

In fact, at the end of September, the country had 32.12 tonnes of gold, valued at 1.66 billion euro or 1.95 billion dollars.

About 96% of gold is stored in the form of ingots and the other 4% in the form of coins.

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When it comes to the conservation of gold, two-thirds are kept in the treasury of the Central Bank and one third in the accounts of the NBS in secure foreign institutions.

Gold reserves, among other things, make up 12.7% of Serbia’s foreign exchange reserves.

According to data from the World Gold Council for the second quarter of this year, North Macedonia has the largest gold reserves in the Balkans, after Serbia, amounting to 6.89 tonnes.

Slovenia has 3.17 tonnes, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2.98 tonnes and Montenegro 1,09 tonnes, inherited from the former Yugoslav Socialist Republic. Croatia, on the other hand, has no gold reserves, as it has practically sold all of its gold.

(Kurir, 14.10.2020)

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