Serbia has most expensive electricity in Europe compared to living standard

Comparing the population’s purchasing power with the price of kilowatts, electricity in Serbia is more expensive than in Helsinki, Bern, Amsterdam and Stockholm.

Ukrainians pay the lowest price, on average 5.06 euro cents including VAT, while Germans pay 33.39 per kilowatt. Serbia is the second cheapest country among European capitals in terms of electricity prices, with an average of 8.11 euro cents with VAT per kWh, confirm data published in the latest Energy Agency bulletin.

However, if you compare electricity prices in European cities according to purchasing power, things change. Residents of Oslo have the lowest price, by comparison, 8.74 euro cents. Helsinki, Bern, Amsterdam, Valletta and Stockholm also have cheaper electricity than in Serbia.

In Serbia, the average price of a kilowatt in relation to purchasing power is 15.48 eurocents. As a consolation, most of the former Yugoslav republics, with the exception of North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, have more expensive electricity in relation to purchasing power. Prague has the most expensive electricity in relation to living standard, paying 33.54 euro cents.

The average net salary in May this year in Serbia was 65,025 dinars, while the minimum was 38,991. The consumer basket in April was 75,824.59 dinars and the minimum was 38,303.

(eKapija, 15.08.2021)


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