Serbia has more mobile phones than residents

In the third quarter of last year, people in Serbia spoke on their mobile phones for about 5.2 billion minutes, an average of 6.9 minutes per day, according to the Electronic Communications Market Report of the Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL).

Far less used landlines, as the data shows that people talked on landline phones for 680 million minutes or 3.1 minutes per day.

However, the number of mobile users compared to landline users is significantly higher; the number of mobile users exceeded the number of Serbian residents and amounted to 8.27 million.

When it comes to mobile telephony, the number of users in the third quarter of last year increased by 2% compared to the previous quarter. Voice traffic in the mobile network decreased compared to the second quarter, but the number of text messages sent increased to 1.34 billion. People called phone numbers more often from their cell phones in their mobile network, 54%, while for users abroad called more often in roaming rate.

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Telekom Serbia has the highest number of mobile phone users (43.7%), Telenor 31.4% and Vip 24.3%.

The amount of data transmitted within the mobile network increased. In the third quarter, 119.8 million GB were transferred, which means that each mobile broadband access user spent on average about 206 MB per day, or about 6.25 GB of traffic per month.

The number of landline broadband Internet subscribers was higher than in the previous quarter and amounted to approximately 1.69 million, while the number of active mobile broadband access users was 6.54 million.

(Mondo, 06.01.2020)

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