Serbia has close to 28,000 dinar millionaires

The Serbian Tax Administration received 27,866 tax returns from citizens whose income in 2019 exceeded 2.7 million dinars (23,000 euro), reports the BIZLife website, who are considered wealthy by Serbian standards.

The largest percentage of these “millionaires” is in Novi Beograd (4,969 individuals) and the lowest in Vranje (102).

The declared income for the top 100 taxpayers with the highest income ranges from about 61 million dinars to about 749 million dinars, the Tax Administration announced. 68% of them come from Belgrade taxpayers, 85 are Serbian citizens and 15 are foreigners.

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They are usually managers, top executives and engineers, and 88% of them are men.

After Novi Beograd, the wealthiest people live in downtown Belgrade (4,869), while the least number of them live in the municipality of Zemun (1,522).

Next, Novi Sad has 2,993 “millionaires” and Niš 884.  Kragujevac has 633, Pančevo 417, Zrenjanin 395, Subotica 356, Čačak 342, Užice 305, Sremska Mitrovica 268, Kruševac 225, Jagodina 204, Zaječar 215 and Leskovac 179.

The Tax Administration states that the citizens who had earned more than 2,729,304 dinars in 2019, i.e. more than three times the average annual salary in Serbia that year, were obliged to file annual tax return.

(Danas, 18.10.2020)


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