Serbia has a new national parliament

The first session of the Serbian Parliament, 13th legislature, was convened Monday by the speaker from the previous legislature, Ivica Dacic.

MP mandates were verified, following which the new MPs took an oath of office. The sitting was presided by the oldest member of the Parliament, Vladeta Jankovic, who is an opposition politician.

Jankovic told the Parliament that in any country that has not had equal elections for ten years the legitimacy of other branches of power would also be thrown into question. He was repeatedly interrupted by the applause of opposition MPs while the governing party MPs showed their disapproval.

The Head of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) MP caucus said that Jankovic abused his position and violated the Rules of Procedure.

The new parliament has 250 elected MPs from 12 lists of candidates, the media were told during consultations, and 15 MP caucuses are expected to be formed.

The Aleksandar Vucic – We Can Do Everything Together list will have 120 seats in the new Parliament, the United for Serbia’s Victory 38 seats, the coalition Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) and Unified Serbia (JS) 31 seats. The Coalition HOPE for Serbia will have 15 seats, Moramo t will have 13 seats, while the Dveri Movement and the Serb Party Zavetnici will have 10 seats each. The Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians got five seats, Mufti’s Legacy three, Vojvodjani and Party of Democratic Action Sandzak two each and the Albanians got one seat.

Vladeta Jankovic said that the sitting will resume on Tuesday when parliamentary bodies are to be formed.

(Politika, 02.08.2022)


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