Serbia has 3.82 million of economically inactive people

Of the 6.64 million people that live in Serbia according to the latest census, 2.80 million are economically (work) active, while 3.82 million are inactive.

The work active force consists of the employed and the unemployed, while the economically inactive population includes children under the age of 15, students and pupils over the age of 15, pensioners, people with income from property or investments, those who produce goods only for their household, as well as housewives, i.e. persons who perform unpaid housework in their household.

The largest number of work-active people is employed, of whom 1.28 million are men and 1.14 million women, while there are 402,831 unemployed persons, of whom 220,451 are men and 182,380 women.

When it comes to the economically inactive, women make up the majority, since there are 2.11 million of them, as opposed to 1.72 million of men.

Among the work-inactive population, the majority are pensioners, close to 1.6 million, followed by children under the age of 15 – 955,452, then people who do unpaid housework in their household, 459,344 of them, and students and pupils aged 15 and over – 433,344.

(Euronews, 19.11.2023)

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