Serbia has 2,508 media outlets – media market unsustainable

Biznis i Finansije magazine writes that the country’s media market is overcrowded with more than 2,500 registered media outlets, not including online media.

The magazine warns that the media sustainability index is low which means that the market is untenable in its present state.

According to the Business Registers Agency, Serbia has a total of 2,508 registered media outlets, not including online only media. That number includes 937 print media, 751 Internet portals, 333 radio stations, 244 TV stations, 28 news agency and 84 websites which are not classified as media but provide information. The magazine based its report on a study by the Belgrade University’s Faculty of Economy on the effect of digitalization on local media.

The magazine also reported that the Nielsen agency assessed the value of the Serbian media market at 219 million euros in 2019, up from the 206 million assessed in 2008. The coronavirus pandemic brought advertising revenues down and the value of the market dropped to 198 million euros in 2020.

Biznis i Finansije also quoted an Irex Serbia internal annual report that said that the revenues of the registered media outlets were worth 414 million euros with advertising accounting for 43 percent of that amount.

“The quality of information is low because the survival of the media outlets depend primarily on advertising or other forms of sponsorship and the competition but on the other hand, the fact that a large number of those media operate out of sight of institutions makes it harder to create order,” the study said.

(Danas, 27.04.2022)


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