Serbia government goes further into debt by 10 billion dinars

The Public Debt Administration announced that it sold ten-year government bonds of the Republic of Serbia on Tuesday, to the value of 10 billion dinars. The total demand was 12.3 billion dinars.

One million government bonds were sold, with a nominal value of 10 billion dinars. The government bonds were sold at a rate of return of 2.50% on an annual basis and maturity date of February 8, 2028. The coupon will be paid annually every February 8 until the maturity date.

The bonds were sold in accordance with the January-14-Long-Term Government Bond Issuance Decree.

These government bonds, sold in the amount of 10 billion dinars, are being consolidated and represent a single issue with bonds initially issued on February 6, 2018. That is, an additional sale of bonds with the same features regarding currency, coupon rate and the maturity date was carried out.

The total volume of the issuance of this bond, after consolidation, amounts to 111.55 billion dinars.

(Blic, 10.02.2021)



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