Serbia first country in the world for number of infected per 1 million inhabitants

According to the website, over the past seven days, Serbia has been the world’s leader in terms of the average daily number of new infections with the coronavirus per million inhabitants.

The site shows that Serbia, with an average of 985 new cases per million inhabitants last week, preceded Mongolia with 896 and the small island state of Grenada with an average of 863 new cases per day.

Antigua and Barbuda is in fourth place, Dominica in fifth and Montenegro in sixth. Suriname, Barbados and Cuba are also in the top ten. Among the European countries, the first is Lithuania, which is in 13th place with about 533 daily cases per million inhabitants in the last seven days, followed by Great Britain in 15th place.

Looking at the total number of cases in the last two weeks, Serbia is in second place with 14,017 cases per million inhabitants. By the number of deaths in the last week, Grenada is in first place with 75 deaths per million inhabitants, while Montenegro is first in Europe with 10, i.e. fifth in the world.

In Europe, in terms of mortality, Montenegro is the No 1, followed by Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Romania. Judging by this criterion, Serbia is 15th in the world.

(Danas, 29.08.2021)


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