Serbia exported 2,700 tonnes of honey to Europe in 2020

Last year, despite unfavourable climatic conditions, Serbia exported 2,700 tonnes of honey worth about 13 million euro to the European Union.

The president of the Association of Beekeeping Organizations of Serbia, Rodoljub Zivadinovic, told FoNet that Serbia exports an average of up to 3,000 tonnes of honey worth between 8 and 12 million euro annually.

Last year, acacia grazing was very poor, and the yield of acacia honey, which is the biggest export honey brand of Serbia, was lower by as much as 90 percent. He pointed out that due to the reduced offer, the wholesale price of honey reached an incredible 6.71 euro per kilogramme.

The biggest buyers of Serbian honey come from Italy, Austria, Germany, France and Belgium.

“Our honey is highly valued and sought after in those countries, and given the potential of those markets, export could be significantly higher,” Zivadinovic added.

There are 15,000 beekeepers in Serbia with 1.3 million hives registered with the Veterinary Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture. Average annual yields range between six to 12,000 tonnes of honey.

“Serbia is an absolute record holder in the number of beehives per capita, but the yields are not great, primarily due to meteorological conditions, such as last year, when the entire acacia pasture failed due to bad weather,” said Zivadinovic.

Zivadinovic also warned that there is fake honey on the market which is sold for between 500 to 600 dinars per kilogramme.

Such low prices a red flag that the honey is not 100% natural, because beekeepers sell it at 800 dinars per kilogramme.

(N1, 07.02.2021)


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