Serbia experiencing tourist boom

Between January and September 2017, 2.39 million tourists visited Serbia which is a 12% hike compared to the same period last year – the official statistical data shows.

Out of the total number of tourists, 1.23 million were domicile tourists (a 7% increase relative to the same period last year), while the number of foreign tourists jumped by 18% to 1.15 million – the Serbian Tourist Board informs.

During the observed period, there were a total of 6.6 million overnight stays, which is a 10% increase compared to the first nine months of 2016.

Domicile tourists had 4.15 million stays (a 7% increase), and foreign tourists 2.45 million stays (a 17% increase).

Domicile tourists mostly stayed at spas and towns with spas (39%), while most of the foreign tourists visited Belgrade (51%).

In the observed period, tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina had the biggest number of overnight stays – 182,111 which is a 5% increase compared to last year, followed by tourists from Montenegro, Turkey, Russia, Germany and several other countries.

(RTV, 31.10.2017)

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