Serbia earns 1,200 euro per hectare of agricultural land, but could earn 10 times more

Serbia earns EUR 1,200 per hectare of agricultural land but could earn ten times more, just like Denmark, from which companies have already adopted the technology for pork production, it was stated at the Nordic Green Solution for Serbia conference.

Serbian raspberry, blueberry, ajvar and honey – are all delicacies that should be exported to wealthy markets. With now record earnings from oil and gas, the Norwegian market is one of them.

“There is definitely a place for Serbian food on the Norwegian market, where the quality of Serbian honey is already known. Those producers could open the door for other goods as well. But Nordic consumers are very conscientious, the products they buy must have been made in an environmentally friendly way,” said Norwegian Ambassador to Serbia, Jorn Eugen Gelstad.

The conference also focused on the implementation of green technologies in food production, energy and waste collection. The Northerners say that the project is a two-way street in which Serbia also has something to learn.

“We pay the utmost attention to making intelligent decisions in agriculture using smart technologies such as drones, satellites and robots, in order to acquire new knowledge and based on that knowledge we suggest to farmers how to make intelligent decisions related to feed variables, spraying and culture protection,” explains Dr Marko Panić of the BioSense Institute.

(, 19.10.2022)

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