Serbia drops five places in corruption index

Serbia lost one point and dropped five places in Transparency International’s corruption perception index, the most renowned global ranking of its kind – Transparency Serbia reports.

With the corruption index of 41, on a scale from 0 to 100, Serbia now occupies 77th place among 180 countries and territories.

Transparency Serbia says that this result “is another indicator of numerous missed opportunities to make the fight against corruption effective and comprehensive”.

Out of all former Yugoslav republics, Slovenia ranked the best with the index of 62.  Ahead of Serbia are also Croatia with the index of 49 and Montenegro with 46, while Bosnia and Herzegovina with the index of 38 and Macedonia with 35 lag behind Serbia.

New Zealand tops the list with the score of 89, while Somalia is last with the index of only 9.

Transparency International has estimated that most countries in the world have not made any progress in eradicating corruption or that progress is small. More than two-thirds of countries this year have an index of less than 50, while the world average is 43.

Several countries have substantially improved their corruption indices since 2012 – including Great Britain, Ivory Coast and Senegal, while the decline was recorded in Australia, Syria and Yemen.

(Nedeljnik, 21.02.2018)

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