Serbia drops a few places in the Global Gender Gap ranking

Serbia’s ranking on the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report dropped four places over the past year.

The report shows that Serbia dropped from 19th place in 2021 to 23rd this year. The report covers 146 countries.

Serbia got the best scores in terms of political empowerment of women, maintaining its ranking in 21st place but dropped from 54th to 77th place in terms of economic participation and opportunity.

The country recorded progress in women’s educational attainment rising from 52nd place in 2021 to 37th place in 2022.

Serbia ranks 71st in health and survival.

The report states that at this moment in the world, the gap between men and women is 68.1 per cent. The report ranks the position of women according to their participation in economic life, politics, access to education, health and life expectancy.

(Nova, 13.07.2022)

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