Serbia could adopt a law on same-sex union soon

“Laws on gender equality and same-sex unions will be drafted by the end of this year,” announced the Minister for Human Rights, Minorities and Social Dialogue, Gordana Čomić, who was a guest on the TV Prva morning show.

She went on to say that a dialogue on the law of same-sex unions will be launched in December, that a relevant task force is being formed and that the two laws could be discussed by Serbian members of parliament before the spring of next year.

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“This should not be viewed as a law that goes against the majority, but a regulation by which a clear minority exercises its rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the law against discrimination,” said Comic.

When asked what the debate on this regulation will be like, she said it will be a dialogue with civil society and the professionals, and a dialogue with the government members and parliamentarians.

“I am aware that any anti-discrimination regulation is a problem for society because it forbids people to behave based on prejudice. The society is always slow to approve and accept anti-discrimination regulation”, concluded Čomić and added that meetings will also be held with people who oppose this law.

(B92, 01.12.2020)



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