Serbia close to introducing COVID passes

Serbia is moving closer to introducing COVID passes, as confirmed by the highest government officials, from Prime Minister Ana Brnabić to Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar. The aim is to limit the number of people in large indoor gatherings.

“COVID passes will be needed for entrance to all places that with a large number of people, especially when it comes to smaller. This is why I have asked for many events to be postponed, not banned or cancelled. The idea is to postpone them for 15 days so that we can the effect from it,” notes Ombudsman Zoran Pašalić.

Asked what kind of tests will be required to enter a facility, i.e. PCR or antigenic tests, he says that that is something that professionals should decide about.

The Ombudsman also insists on the government respecting civil rights: “I have reiterated my position that there must be positive, not negative discrimination in place. COVID passes may be a condition for entering concerts, cinemas, theatres and the like, but not for going to work, seeing a doctor and fulfilling basic needs of life. Data collection would have to be minimal and from what I understand, it would be in electronic format.”

PM Ana Brnabić also confirmed that the idea of introducing COVID passes is still alive and well. “We have not given up on the passes. We have to see what we can and what we cannot do, in order to ensure as little abuse or misuse as possible. If we decide to introduce them, you won’t be able to get in such places if you have received only a single dose of vaccine. So, it is a good idea to vaccinate now. It is difficult to find the right recipe to beat the virus and save lives.”

(Nova, 17.10.2021)


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