Serbia as Winter Wonderland – Mountain Vacations

The Serbian Tourist Board invites tourists to visit the mountains of Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Tara, Mokra Gora, Divcibare and Sjenica during the winter period because they offer action-packed winter vacation in beautiful surroundings.

SERBIA has three excellent ski centres and a dozen of other mountains where you can spend highly enjoyable winter vacation and relaxation.

montagnaKOPAONIK is the biggest, the most popular and the most luxurious ski-centre in Serbia. It has excellent ski slopes and is suitable for very experienced skiers and novices. This mountain resort has 39 ski slopes, you can also ski at night and there is a separate ski slope for children. The artificial snow system covers 97% of the ski slopes here. The Kopaonik Mountain is the biggest mountain in Serbia, as well as a national park. Due to its valuable and rare ecosystem, Kopaonik was officially declared a national park in 1981. The Kopaonik National Park covers an area of 11,810 hectares and based on the number of endemic species, it is one of Serbia’s most important biodiversity hotspots for endemic flora. The Josanicka, Lukovska and Kursumlijska (at the foot of Kopaonik) spas are very close to Kopaonik, while the rich thermal springs of the Vrnjacka, Matarusa and Sijarinska spas are just a little further away. Kopaonik, too, has mineral springs: the lightly radioactive Krcmar spring, which is 1,700 m above sea-level, and Marine Vode (1950 m).

TornikTORNIK is the perfect ski centre for those tourists who love action-packed winter vacations with a lot of walks. It is located on the mountain of Zlatibor, the mountain with the biggest number of sunny days in Serbia. Tornik has four ski slopes. It lies on an altitude of between 1,110 and 1,490m, 9 km from the tourist resort of Zlatibor. The total capacity of the ski area is about 5,400 skiers per hour. The Tornik ski resort is equipped with a six-seater-chairlift, with the capacity of 3,000 skiers per hour, two T-bar ski lifts with total capacity of 2,400 skiers per hour. Four runs, Cigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac are covered by an artificial snowing system, so this ski resort no longer depends on weather conditions.

TARA is considered the most beautiful of all mountains because of its spectacular nature, clad in dense forests with numerous clearings and meadows, cliffs, ravines and caves… The area of this national park is about 22,000 hectares and consists of a group of mountain peaks and areas with deep gorges, the most striking of which is the Drina Gorge. The Drina Gorge, which is an integral part of park, can be toured by boat. This mountain range is located in Western Serbia and it borders with the Drina Canyon on in the North West and the Zlatibor Mountain in the South East. Although it has several smaller ski slopes – Beli Bor, Nagramak, Sljivovica and Mitrovac na Tari – it is ideal for hiking because it is not too steep.

mokra goraMOKRA GORA is a very attractive tourist destination and it could be said that it is a cross between Tara and Zlatibor. There is a ski slope called Iver, located some 8km from Mecavnik (the wooden town on top of the mountain), were you can also rent ski equipment. Mecavnik (also known as Drven Grad) is a very unique settlement, atop Mokra Gora, founded by film director Emir Kusturica. It is also the place where the annual film festival of Küstendorf takes place. It has been frequented by many celebrities including Johnny Depp, Monica Bellucci, Faye Dunaway, Iggy Pop and others. Mecavnik is a four-star-facility with luxurious amenities. Kusturica called it his “life project” inspired by the well-known book of the Serbian Nobel Prize Winner, Ivo Andric called “The Bridge on the River Drina”.

THE DIVČIBARE RESORT is located on the Maljen Mountain, at an altitude of 908 metres, and there is an 800-metre-long ski slope that is lit at night. Additionally, there are three shorter slopes (300m), on Golubac, near the Zmaj Hotel, and on Strazare. The Divcibare Resort is only 118km from Belgrade and the mountain itself has 100 snowy days annually on average. As a central part of Maljen Mountain, Divcibare plateau is extremely abundant in forests and waters, as well as in numerous animal species. The surrounding area is known for its spa resorts, monasteries, memorial centres, places of historical importance and rural tourism in general. You should definitely visit the Vrujci Spa, the Lelic Celije Monastery and the Jovanja River.

SjenicaSJENICA is the highest resort in Serbia and ideal for all sorts of winter sports because of the great slopes Radisica Brdo, Babinjaca and Jadovnik. Last year, the Zari ski centre, lying at 1,300 metres altitude, was built here with the slopes best suited for the Nordic and Alpine skiing and biathlon. This is yet another resort that is perfect for active vacations be it hiking, cycling, motorcycling, hunting or fishing. You can tour the Canyon of the Lake Uvac, or hike up to the Golija, Zlatar, Javor or Jadovnik mountain peaks. By all means, visit the Tubicka Cave. If you are an avid hunter, you should definitely visit the hunting area of Golija, covering 32,507 hectares of land, located at between 600 and 1,833 metres altitude. Both big and small game can be found here – from wild boar, roe, bear and wood grouse to hares, wolves, foxes and martens.

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