Serbia as the region’s leading country in gender equality; 24th in the world

Serbia is a leader in the region in terms of gender equality, while it places 24th in the world, said Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Chairwoman of the Gender Equality Coordinating Body, Zorana Mihajlovic.

“The fact that Serbia ranks 24th out of 167 countries in the world in terms of gender equality and women’s position in the society, according to the Women, Peace and Security index, tells us that in the last five years, we have done a lot in this area. Still, there is a lot of work ahead of us, especially when it comes to the economic emancipation of women, combating violence and gender discrimination,” said Mihajlovic.

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Commenting on the Women, Peace and Security index, compiled by Georgetown University, she said she was proud that Serbia was also a leader in that segment in the region.

“This index also shows that no country in the world has managed to completely make women’s lives better, but it is clear that there is a noticeable difference between countries. The Serbian government has made gender equality one of its priorities and I am pleased that our efforts are internationally recognised,” Mihajlovic said and added:

“Although there are more and more women in political and economic life, gender stereotypes and prejudices are still present. As a society, we are all responsible for combating all forms of discrimination and denigration of women”.

Of the countries in the region, Croatia ranks 32nd, North Macedonia ranks 37th, Montenegro ranks 40th, Bosnia and Herzegovina 56th and Albania 57th. The best countries for women to live in are Norway, Switzerland and Finland.

(, 30.10.2019)


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