Serbia as end destination for old bangers from Europe

Serbia is the only country in the region that imports cars over 15 years of age from the EU.  

 Although the ban on the import of older used cars into Serbia has been discussed for a long time, nobody knows when is this ban going to take place.  

Since 2019, Bosnia and Herzegovina has banned the import of cars that are below Euro 5 standard, while Montenegro announced that it will impose such a ban soon. The ban is also in force in North Macedonia and Albania.

Vreme weekly conducted comprehensive research at the end of last year which showed that the year before Serbia imported 150,000 used cars from the EU, with the average age of cars in Serbia now standing at 17.5 years.

In mid-2023, the European Commission (EC) proposed that older, dilapidated cars, should no longer be sold or exported outside the EU. But for now, nothing has been done about that proposal.

“Western countries want to be clean and sustainable and responsible for themselves, but not for others. They export dirty technology. China is doing the same – it doesn’t even respect the minimum standards,” Marko Vujić, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, says.

Transport Minister Goran Vesić says that the realistic goal is to reduce the average age of vehicles to 14 years by 2030 and adds:” Our population is not wealthy enough to start buying Euro 6 cars en masse.”

(Vreme, 16.01.2024)

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