Serbia and Russia sign 26 intergovernmental agreements during Putin’s visit

26 agreements and a memorandum of understanding between Serbia and Russia were signed in Belgrade today during the official visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to our country. Most agreements are focused on innovation and digitization.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the current value of the signed agreements with Russia is 230 million euro, and when all of them are realized, their value will jump to 660 million euro.

“The external trade between Serbia and Russia is also growing. Imports from Russia are higher by 30 percent, while our export to Russia grew by 4.1 percent. We are also making progress in all spheres of social life. Today, we have signed many agreements and there are a few that are yet to be signed. The collaboration between the two countries has been developing in the field of innovative and digital technologies, too.  We would also like to ask you to help us with the implementation of the Boiling Point project, which is under your direct supervision in Russia, because we believe that together we can build such a hub in Serbia”, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Palace Serbia.

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Vučić then spoke about the agreements in the field of infrastructure and energy.

“All agreements have been concluded at the highest possible level, and we are also happy with military-technical cooperation. Again, thank you for your contribution to that too”, Vucic underlined.

“The value of the goods’ trade between Serbia and Russia has grown and currently stands at $2 billion. Energy sector and infrastructure have been improved, and there are new directions of collaboration that will be discussed today”, Putin replied, adding that Russia was one of the largest investors in the Serbian economy.

He also highlighted humanitarian ties between the two countries, and cooperation in security, education and military.

Earlier today, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic expressed her satisfaction with the fact that, during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Serbia, six agreements in the field of innovation and digital economy will be signed and pointed out that thanks to duty-free exports to Russia and the EU, Serbia has a unique the potential to become a hub for high-tech companies.

The following are just some of the agreements that were signed between the two countries during Putin’s visit.

  1. Six agreements in the field of innovation and digital economy – one of the agreements stipulates to the use of nuclear energy for peacetime purposes, while the other refers to the construction of the Science, Technology and Innovation Centre.
  2. Railways agreement worth 230 million euro – The first agreement that was signed stipulates project design activities and execution of works on the construction of the railway infrastructure in Serbia and the construction of a unique Dispatch Centre for train traffic management in Serbia between companies Infrastruktura Zeleznice Srbije and RZD International. The 230-million-euro agreement was signed by the General Manager of RZD International, Sergey Pavlov and General Manager of Infrastrukture Zeleznice Srbije, Miroljub Jevtić in the presence of Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport, Construction and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic.
  3. Cooperation between the universities of the two countries – A memorandum on strategic education cooperation was signed today in the Palace of Serbia. More specifically, the University of Belgrade and the St. Petersburg Mining University will sign a Memorandum of Cooperation, which stipulates the exchange of researchers, teaching and administrative staff, students of all levels of study, and implementation of joint research projects and professional development programmes. Also, the University of Novi Sad will sign a Memorandum of Cooperation with Gubkin University stipulating training of highly qualified experts in the field of oil and gas, organization of seminars, lectures, workshops, student exchange, laboratory practice, internships for students and employees, joint research for postgraduates, scientists and researchers and the implementation of joint master and other postgraduate programmes or projects.
  4. Modernization of the Banatski Dvor natural gas storage – this is one of the most important agreements that were signed today which stipulates the expansion of the gas storage in Banatski Dvor from the current 450 million to 750 million cubic metres.

(Blic, 17.01.2019)

Photo credits: Oliver Bunic / RAS Srbija

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