Serbia and Italy to sign organ transplant agreement

Serbian patients will soon be able to have organ transplants in Italy too. According to the Serbian Ministry of Health, up to 14 patients from Serbia will be eligible to be included in the transplant waiting lists in Italy each year – ten patients will be included in a regular transplant programme, and up to four patients will be eligible for urgent organ transplantation.

These stipulations are contained in the Technical Protocol that will be signed between the Serbian Biomedicine Directorate and the Italian National Transplant Centre, i.e. the heads of the two institutions  Dr Vesna Rakonjac on the Serbian side, and Dr Alessandro Nanni Costa, on the Italian side.

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The Protocol is an addition to the existing Memorandum of Understanding that the health ministries of the two countries signed in Rome in 2011 which covers the cooperation in healthcare and medical sciences.

The health facilities from Serbia and Italy have been cooperating on organ transplant for years now. For instance, from 2007 onwards, close to 60 Serbian children had liver transplant in the transplantation facility in Bergamo.

“The agreement with the Italian Health Ministry will make it possible for our patients, who urgently need an organ transplant, now to be included in the Italian transplant waiting list”, says Serbian Health Minister, Dr Zlatibor Loncar.

The transplantation costs in Italy will be covered by the Serbian Health Insurance Fund.

(Vecernje Novosti, 09.01.2018)

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