Serbia and Hungary to sign 10 intergovermental agreements today

The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban and the Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic are going to meet today in Budapest where the government members from the two countries are due to hold a plenary session.

They will discuss various projects, regional cooperation and the ways to improve the bilateral relations between official Belgrade and Budapest. After the session, the two governments will sign ten different agreements on cooperation, nine intergovernmental agreements and one covering the private sector.

As the Serbian PM announces, the latter agreement will stipulate establishing a joint venture company that will be engaged in growing and processing of raspberries in Arilje, Serbia.

The Prime Minister of Serbia also stated that the construction of the Belgrade-Budapest railway was going as planned, and reminded that a contract with partners from China covering the financing of the railroad was signed in Hungary at the 16 + 1 Summit.

Prime Minister Brnabic is also due to meet with the Hungarian President, János Áder today.

Parallel with the government session, the Hungary-Serbia Business Forum will take place today with both Brnabic and Orban addressing the participants.

The Forum is organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Hungarian National Trading House with over 20 Serbian and 50 Hungarian companies participating. Also, numerous small and medium enterprises from the segments of construction, renewable energy sources, agribusiness, environmental protection, automobile industry, ICT and other sectors will take part.

(RTV, 08.02.2018)



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