Serbia among countries which charge too much for gigabytes

Serbia ranks 102nd in terms of prices of gigabytes with the average price of 4.25 euro per gigabyte, and in that respect, is one of the most expensive countries in the region – a report compiled by the British website shows.

Of regional countries, only Croatia is more expensive than Serbia with an average price of 4.30 euro, while Slovenia is the cheapest with 2.21 euro per gigabyte. The cheapest cost of a gigabyte in Serbia is  0.34 euro per gigabyte, while the most expensive is 21.10 euro.

A gigabyte of mobile internet in Bosnia and Herzegovina costs an average of 3.18 euro, similar to that in Northern Macedonia, where the price is 3.21 euro.

In Montenegro, the average price of a gigabyte is 3.78 euro.

The study analyzed 6,313 mobile internet packages in 230 countries and found that mobile internet was the cheapest in India – 0.23 euro, and most expensive in Zimbabwe – 66.7 euro per gigabyte.

The reasons while using mobile internet in India is very cheap is that the young population has a particularly high technological awareness, and the country has a lively smartphone market with strong competition.

In Europe, the cheapest mobile internet is in Finland – 1.03 euro per gigabyte, while Switzerland is the most expensive, which main mobile phone operator is Swisscom, one of the leading European companies working on the implementation of the 5G network.

(RTV, 20.03.2019)


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