Serbia almost at the bottom of the list in terms of minimum wage

Trade unions in Serbia expected that the minimum wage in 2022 would be at least equal to the amount of the cheapest consumer basket, while employers think that an excessive increase in the minimum wage would cause additional costs for them.

However, it is clear that the current minimum wage of about 35,000 dinars is not enough for a normal life in Serbia, especially considering over 350,000 citizens receive minimum wage.

The situation is worse only in Kosovo and Albania and the same in Bosnia, while Turkey, Bulgaria and North Macedonia have a higher minimum than Serbia, which now averages 35,414.72 dinars net (47,767.08 dinars gross), i.e. less than 300 euros.

Germany, for instance, announced a higher minimum wage in the second half of 2022. Germans will receive a minimum of 12 euros per working hour, which, compared to the current minimum wage, is an increase of 22%. In Serbia, the minimum wage went up by 9.4% compared to 2021, and Serbian employees, who are on minimum wage, now receive 201.22 dinars per working hour.

The workforce in Kosovo has the lowest minimum wage of all countries in Europe – for employees under the age of 35, it is 130 euros and for those over 35, 170 euros.

Albania is also at the bottom of the list, with a minimum of 248 euros, Bosnia and Herzegovina with 300 and Turkey with a minimum wage of 328 euros. Bulgaria’s minimum salary is 332 euros and in North Macedonia, it stands at 359 euros.

Interestingly, Montenegrin members of parliament have recently passed a set of laws to increase the minimum wage from 250 to 450 euros, which is a huge step forward.

According to”Eurostat, the higher minimum wage is paid out in the countries such as Latvia – 500 euros, Romania – 515, Hungary – 542, Poland – 655, Estonia – 654 and Lithuania – 730.

Croatia now has a minimum wage of 624 euros, while in Slovenia and Spain, it is just over 1,000 euros. France has a minimum wage of 1,600, Germany 1,620 and Belgium 1,660 euros. Luxembourg tops the list with a minimum wage is 2,360 euros or almost eight times the Serbian average.

(Politika, 28.04.2022)


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