Serbia Against Violence coalition to take part in June 2nd election under a new name

The alliance formed by six member parties of the former coalition Serbia Against Violence will take part in the local elections on June 2nd under a new name.

„We definitely won’t be called ‘Serbia Against Violence’ because that wouldn’t be right or smart. Currently, two or three variants are being considered, and on Monday at 10 o’clock, we will announce the final decision on what name we will use for the upcoming elections“, said the leader of one of the parties that will be part of the future coalition.

„It is likely that the names of cities and municipalities where local elections will be held on June 2nd will also be included in the coalition’s name. The alliance is open to other parties and movements, discussions are ongoing, and we will finalize the agreement during the next week“, a source said.

The parties gathered in the coalition voted at a meeting held on Friday on whether to participate in the Belgrade elections on June 2nd.

The proposal to participate in the elections was supported by five parties – the People’s Movement of Serbia, the Green-Left Front, the Environmental Uprising, the Movement of Free Citizens, and the New Face of Serbia, while the Party of Freedom and Justice, Serbia Centre and Together were against it. The Democratic Party voted against participation, but its representatives announced that the party would support the majority decision.

The June 2nd elections in the Serbian capital were called by Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic despite opposition demands to hold all local elections on the same date and possibly postpone the vote for the autumn. Changes to election laws have been submitted to parliament to allow the local elections to be held on the same date across the country.

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