Serbia against Violence coalition holds a protest rally against election fraud

On Monday evening, Belgraders assembled in the city centre at a protest called by the Serbia against Violence coalition.

Following speeches delivered outside the Belgrade City Assembly building, the protesters marched to the State Election Commission (RIK) to present proof of electoral irregularities in Belgrade.

Miroslav Aleksic and Marinika Tepic, leaders of the Serbia against Violence coalition, said they are going on a hunger strike until the results of the local election in Belgrade are annulled.

“We do not want to and must not recognize the results of the Belgrade elections because people from other countries voted in them, which is punishable by law”, said Tepic, stressing that the Serbia Against Violence coalition has ample evidence of that.

Aleksic asked the assembled protesters to stop the meeting of the RIK scheduled for that day at 9 p.m.

Protesters managed to break through the protective fence put up outside the RIK building and a minor incident between the protesters and the security guards was reported.

Aleksic said he and Tepic went inside the RIK building and submitted their demands for the annulment of the Belgrade election results.

“We submitted all our objections, evidence, recordings and everything that the RIK needs to see, the conditions in which the elections were held yesterday and the brutal electoral fraud, as well as evidence of people (outside Belgrade) being brought in to vote. The RIK head could not answer any of our questions, including that of how it is possible for a minister from Bosnia and Herzegovina to vote in Belgrade and which law permits that. They did take all the documents we handed in evidence and then claimed that this was out of their jurisdiction but that they would forward our demands“, said Aleksic.

He added that, as MPs, they will stay inside the RIK building until the elections are annulled or until they receive the information that they will be annulled.

Dragan Djilas, leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice, which is a member of the Serbia Against Violence coalition, said Tepic and Aleksic’s decision to start a hunger strike “is very difficult and a sacrifice.”

He said many people assembled outside the RIK because “they refuse to accept what happened yesterday.”

“The situation is the same across Serbia. The only difference is that, in Belgrade, voters were brought over from the Republic of Srpska and Central Serbia to vote. This directly altered the electoral will of people in Belgrade,” Djilas concluded.

(Danas, 19.12.2023)

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