Serbia advances on the WB’s Doing Business List

Serbia has advanced four places on the World Bank’s Doing Business list for 2020 and currently occupies the 44th place among the 190 countries listed.
Naled, with the support of British Embassy in Serbia, has organized the traditional conference to present the latest results of the this global ranking. 

The list of 20 countries that have made the greatest progress in improving the business environment includes such economic giants as China and India, but also Djibouti, Bangladesh, Kenya, Kuwait, Myanmar and Nigeria.

Of the countries in the region, North Macedonia placed the highest, taking the 17th spot. Slovenia is 37th, whereas Montenegro and Croatia are below Serbia, taking the 50th and the 51st spot respectively. Hungary is 52nd, whereas Romania is 55th. Bulgaria is 61st, and Albania is 82nd on the list of 190 countries.

The top spot belongs to New Zealand, with Singapore right behind.

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Doing Business ranking of Serbia by categories, from the top: starting business; construction permits, electrical connection, real estate registration, credit line approval, protection of minority shareholders, taxation payment process, external trade, contract registration, bankrupcy conclusion

If the Doing Business report is seen as a kind of “heartbeat” of the Serbian economy, can the Serbian government be satisfied with Serbia’s ranking? Ivan Nikolic of the Institute of Economics thinks that Serbia could do even better.

“This is not a crucial assessment of Serbia’s improvement in terms of reforms and, above all, structural reforms, because we have countries in the vicinity, such as North Macedonia which are much better ranked than Serbia even if they show no economic progress,” Nikolic underlines.

Experts add that Doing Business is a valid indicator but not sufficient to understand what Serbia is like as an investment destination.

(B92, 24.10.2019)


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