Serbia 5th in Europe in terms of inflation rate

In February this year, compared to the same month last year, inflation in Serbia stood at 8.8%, the highest since June 2013. Global growth in energy, food and commodity prices has strongly influenced prices in Serbia too.

Food prices went up by 15.2% compared to February last year, which strongly contributed the most to overall inflation, of which the prices of vegetables went up 31.7%, cooking oil 21% and meat 16%. In addition, fuel is now 21% more expensive, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

This is the highest inflation in Serbia in the last nine years, and it puts the country in 5th place in Europe.

The biggest price increase is recorded in Lithuania – 14%, followed by Estonia with 11%, the Czech Republic with 10% and Belgium with 9.5%. Serbia is also the leader in the region in terms of inflation, while Hungary and Bulgaria have recorded an inflation of 8.4%.

(Kamatica, 24.03.2022)

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