Serbia 41st in the world in Internet speed

Singapore has the fastest Internet in the world, while Yemen has the slowest. Serbia ranks 41st out of 189 countries – the latest research has shown.

It takes an Internet user in Serbia an hour and a half to download a film in HD, while in Singapore, it is only 19 minutes. On the other hand, in Yemen, downloading an HD film takes the whole two days – the British website says after analyzing data compiled by the M-Lab research group.

Almost 33,000 conducted speed tests in Serbia have shown that an average Internet speed in our country is 12.25 Mbps (megabits per second). Out of all Balkan countries, Hungary has the fastest Internet and occupies the 15th place on the world list. Romania is 18th, Slovenia 25th, Bulgaria 27th, and Croatia 40th with the speed of 12.57 Mbps. Macedonia is 59th, Bosnia and Herzegovina 61st, Montenegro 71st, and Albania 78th.

During the 12 months of the research, which started on 10th May this year, M-Lab conducted over 63 million internet speed tests. The fastest internet is recorded in Singapore (55.13 Mbps) which means, for instance, that it takes only 18 minutes and 34 seconds for a resident of Singapore to download an HD film.

Sweden, Taiwan, Denmark, the Netherlands and Latvia have recorded the Internet speed of over 30 Mbps, which the British Office of Communication (Ofcom) defines as super-speed. At the same time, 139 countries have an average Internet speed of only 10 Mbps.

(Politika, 08.08.2017)

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