Serbia 24th in the world in English language proficiency

According to the latest English language proficiency test, Serbia placed 24th among 113 countries.

The English proficiency test was conducted among 2.2 million non-native speakers by the EF Company, which offers educational and travel services. The Netherlands ranked first and Austria third. Except for Singapore in second place and the Republic of South Africa in ninth place, the other countries among the first 12 are all European.

This group also includes Scandinavian countries, as well as Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Croatia and Greece.

European countries also dominate in the group of eighteen countries whose citizens possess a high level of English language skills. The group is led by Poland, followed by Finland and Romania.

In the group of countries whose citizens have solid knowledge of the English language, Serbia ranks 24th and Switzerland 30th. This group also includes Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Spain, Italy and France are in the group of countries whose citizens have a moderate command of English. Italy and Spain share the 35th place globally, while France is ranked 43rd.

(Danas, 15.12.2023)

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