Seničić: “There is no risk of closing the borders during the summer season”

The director of the National Association of Serbian Travel Agencies (YUTA), Aleksandar Seničić, believes that despite the tightening of epidemiological measures many tourist countries will not close their borders at least until the end of the summer season.

As he says, it is possible that the conditions of entry and stay will change depending on the situation.

“We have no indication that the conditions will be such that they will significantly affect tourists. For example, the latest measures in Greece mostly do not apply to tourists, because they mainly deal with indoor spaces and since the weather has been nice, tourists have been spending most of their time outdoors, so this particular measure does not affect them,” he says.

Senicic points out that, so far, only one island in Greece has introduced a curfew, namely Mykonos, but adds that there are not many Serbian tourists there. According to him, the largest number of infected people is in the big cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, while, in the tourist region, there are a handful of infected locals.

“We have no information about infected Serbs, not only in Greece but also elsewhere,” says Senicic. He estimates that even if the situation worsens and entry measures are tightened in the coming period, it will not affect people who have been vaccinated, while for the others it is possible that, for example, antigenic tests will no longer be accepted.

“It’s just one possible scenario. In terms of Greece, we have established cooperation with colleagues in North Macedonia where a PCR test can be performed very quickly and cheaply and a good part of the tourists who pass through there have already used this option,” Senicic explains.

(, 19.07.2021)


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