Selakovic: “Serbia and Hungary will find way to allow people to travel”

Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selaković underlined that there are no obstacles to Serbia and Hungary reaching an agreement on unrestricted travel between the two countries in the context of the coronavirus vaccines, and expects the EU to adhere to basic European values.

At a joint press conference with the Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijártó, and responding to announcements from Brussels that people will only be able to travel to EU countries if they are vaccinated with vaccines approved in the Union, Selakovic said that one of the European values is freedom of movement, and it should not protection of citizens’ health should not be a geopolitical issue.

“From our side, I do not see a single obstacle to Serbia and Hungary not reaching an agreement on travel without that kind of restriction when it comes to those who have been vaccinated, and on the other hand, I expect the EU to adhere to the basic European values, namely freedom of movement,” Selaković said.

As he said, both Serbia and Hungary will continue to vaccinate their citizens, which he believes will be of great benefit first and foremost for the citizens, as well as for the economic systems and economies of the two countries.

Selaković added that until yesterday, more than two million and 50,000 citizens had been vaccinated in Serbia, and called on everyone in Serbia, but also in Hungary, to continue with the vaccination, to protect themselves in this way and to be proud of their countries.

Hungarian Foreign Minister told reporters that Serbia and his country refused to allow vaccination to become a political issue.

“We refused to allow someone who is far away and who does not know the conditions here to make decisions instead of our experts,” he said. He also added that both governments listened to reason and did their job to keep their populations healthy.

According to the Hungarian Foreign Minister, the procurement of vaccine from China and Russia meant that many more people were inoculated quickly. “We saved lives by getting the vaccine from the east,” he said.

(RTv, 16.03.2021)




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